Strategic Foresight Forum at the University of the Philippines Manila

UP Manila Forum

“The Future as a Space of Becoming: Deconstructing and Reconstructing Philippine Futures” A Strategic Foresight Lecture at the University of the Philippines, Manila Social Science Week Celebration on February 9, 2013

To cap the University of the Philippines Manila’s 40th  Social Science Week Celebration, Prof. Dennis Morgan, futurist and professor at Hankuk University, Seoul, South Korea, the Center for Engaged Foresight and the Department of the Social Sciences will hold a strategic foresight lecture for the graduate students of the Graduate School of the Arts and Science of UP Manila. The Forum will explore ways on how Filipinos can “indigenize futures thinking.” The how do we construct our futures will be discussed.

The forum will be on Feb. 9, 2013 2-5 PM at the College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Conference Room.