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Welcome to the Center for Engaged Foresight!

The Center for Engaged Foresight (CEF) is a futures thinking and strategic foresight innovation hub in the Philippines and the Asia Pacific.

Established to advance a spectrum of futures strategies and methodologies, the CEF aims to intensify the aptitude of persons, systems and society’s to respond to the challenges of the 21st century.

The CEF believes that by engaging and exposing individuals, organizations and collectivities to engaged foresight, the present can be reinterpreted and the future reinvented. The CEF posits that when more time and effort is invested into understanding and conceptualizing alternative and transformative futures, the wealthier and healthier our options and collective futures will be.

The CEF have collaborated with the best in the futures and strategic foresight field in designing transformative and cutting edge events and projects that integrate creativity, experimentation and innovation.

CEF applies a variety of futures tools and techniques to help people explore the future and prepare them for a deeper, authentic and action-oriented transformation. Our goal is to help persons, leaders, organizations and communities experience their bright and colorful futures today.


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