Policy Formulation, Governance and Social Foresight

The CEF works to integrate futures thinking, tools, techniques, and methods to explore trends and innovate to improve and transform public administration, policy formulation techniques, leadership and governance management styles and systems. The CEF efforts are geared to capacitate political and policy actors, civil society organizations and people’s organizations, etc. to use the future address past and present challenges to transform the future , overcome action gaps and link short-term consequences to long-term perspectives. Using empirical, interpretive and action-learning methods, the goal of CEF is to ensure that governance actors are aware of the link between past, present and future. Also, with strategic foresight and futures thinking, the future generation has a voice in policymaking, governance and development. Policy, leadership and governance must reach them for them to be able to participate in the creation of alternative systems and innovative governance structures. We have witnessed in the past how public policies and dysfunctional governance systems at the local, national and global levels have worsened the threats of climate change, poverty, technology, unemployment, urbanization, etc. Their impacts continue to pose significant hazards to public life, health, environment, culture and futures generations.





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